Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Fun Exploding Box using Mer Dog Digital stamp | Animal Mermaid Project

Mer dog digital stamp

Hi everyone!

Today I have a fun project that Sharon made. A HUGE exploding box! It looks like it's not but it is... if you want to see a video of the box, you'll have to go to Sharon's Instagram post to see it because I don't have any idea how to upload it here ;). 

She colored the little dog mermaid with Copic markers (as you can guess since she is a Copic instructor). I love how colorful all the project is. The papers that she used go perfectly well with the image's colors. 

Corner of the exploding box

Here is the list of colors that she used. Feel free to pin it for future reference.

Copic coloring chart for Mer Dog digital stamp

I hope you like the project that I show you today. 

Enjoy the rest of  your day!



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