Thursday, June 18, 2020

Snakes in love | A digi a day | Day 49

Snakes in love digital stamp


Day 49!! Wow... I have to say that as great as it is to be able to do this every day, I spend a lot of time between the drawing and the coloring. I hope I can keep this going for a long time. 

Today I have these Snakes in love digital stamp. It's very complicated for me not drawing animals. Yesterday were some giraffes, today are some snakes, tomorrow... I think it will be an animal too, not sure yet. 

I colored this image using the no line technique. I printed it at 25% of opacity and colored it with Copic markers. I liked the combination colors in the jar, with the green and brown, I think I'll be using it soon for another digi I have in mind. But I think my markers are getting dry and right now it's so complicated to get refills!

You can find the Snakes in love in my website here if you are in the USA or in Etsy here

I hope you are liking my digi a day challenge. If you have any suggestions, let me know!!



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