I am a self taught illustrator and owner of Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez. Before drawing children's illustrations I have been a scientific illustrator and my work has been published in books and scientific magazines. What changed? Well… I had kids. I discovered a that I had imagination after all and I needed, somehow, to put my ideas on paper. I have never been a great writer but I love drawing, so that is how I started to draw my kinda cute illustrations. 

In my "free" time I am usually drawing and painting too, haha... But when I don't I love spending time with my family. It doesn't matter what it is as long as we are all together.
I have to thank to JanR, Andrea and Donna, who were with me from the beginning but they are not able to continue anymore and they never made it to this page. Sorry I didn't have time to have this made on time.  I wish you the best!!!

And here is the team that is currently helping me and making fantastic projects with my images. I hope you like their designs and you feel inspired.


I am very lucky to live in a beautiful part of Yorkshire and I am a very young (at heart!) crafter who is supported by a very patient and a wonderful OH in my love of this hobby.
 I have two very beautiful grown up daughters and I am so very proud of them. I've been a crafter for many years, but my love of paper craft has become almost and addiction! 
Like most crafters - I've been through all the different phases...cross-stitch, freehand embroidery, machine embroidery, knitting, jewelry making, etc. 
I have made lots of wonderful friends through bogland, both online and in real life - what a wonderful invention!


my name is Céline and I live in France, near Paris. I enjoy teaching at primary school during the day. 
Then, I've been sharing my card making blog with my sister Nathalie for a little more than 6 years.
I love and enjoy card making. I really love coloring my stamps or digis, best of all. I principally use Copic markers. 
I am a big fan of Patricia's digis so I hope to inspire you with my cards.

My name is Kelli, but I tend to go by "kel". It's simpler, faster, no one will spell it wrong (Kellie, Kelly), and I don't have to hit the "shift" button to capitalize my own name. haha!

I am a scrapbooker at heart but I also dabble in rubber-stamping/cardmaking, knitting, sewing... and eventually, crocheting because I can't get myself to get rid of my grandmother's crocheting yarns. I am also a non-traditional college student finishing my BA in History (US History), and then hopefully a Masters in History and Asian Studies and beyond... We'll see what happens when we get there.

Hello, my name is Lucienne. I'm 46 years sold. I'm married and we have a wonderful daughter. My great passion is digital scrapbooking and making 3D cards, I do it now for about 2 years and do it with a lot of fun.

I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. I am married with 2 young boys. I started Rubber Stamping in the early 90's, Altered Art in early 2008 & finally my addiction for Copic Markers in August 2010. 

Monika, Northumberland, UK. Mid-age, still tomboy, Mom of one, crafter, bookworm. Love being in jeans, T-shirt and pair of sport shoes :). Happy if I can travel, sightseeing and take photos. Do not bother much about my grammar please, English is not my first language, so I am trying my best to improve it :). 

Hi Crafters, I'm Sue Nicholson in my late forties, married to my  husband Philip. Been making cards for some years now. My other hobbies are researching my family tree and play in two ten pin bowling leagues.


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