Monday, February 5, 2018

Big new release in the shop!!!

Lion eating fish digital stamp for card making


Today I have a huge release in the shop. A couple of clear stamp sets (I am going to grow the collection this year) and eight new digital stamps. 

I am selling the pre-colored version of some of the stamps. The difference between my pre-colored version and others that you can find from other companies is that all my colored versions are hand colored with markers, pencils, watercolors or a combination of the three. Not computer coloring so when you print it it will have the feeling that it was hand colored (which originally it was!). 

As you can imagine I don't have many to choose from yet (it takes me a couple of hours to color each one!) but little by little you will find the shop more colorful. If you see the product with the colored image, you would be able to buy the colored version ;). 

And now the new release:

Clear stamps:

I have two new sets in the shop. You have already seen the Easter girl as digital stamp but now it is a clear stamp! The set have 5 different clear stamps, the easter girl, two easter eggs (or not easter, just two eggs) and two sentiments, in English and Spanish. They say "felices pascuas" and "happy easter".

Easter girl clear stamp kindacutebypatricia
Easter Girl clear stamp set

The Ballerina clear stamp set is completely new! I don't have it as digital stamp and it comes with 7 different stamps in it. The ballerina, a couple of stars and four sentiments, two in English and two in Spanish. They say the same thing in both languages: "keep dancing" and "sigue bailando"; "you did it!" and "¡lo hiciste!".

ballerina clear stamp set with bilingual sentiments
Ballerina clear stamp set

Digital stamps:

This stamp is available in pre colored version too. I colored it with copic markers and colored pencils.  I originally called cooking siblings (my English) but then I realized two things. First, nobody was cooking siblings, and second they are kind of baking instead of cooking. So to be safe I called it Baking only, haha.
siblings baking digital stamp
Baking digital stamp
Maybe it is a little late for this year, but  this asian girl wouldn't be nice in a Chinese new year card?

asian girl digital stamp for card making
Asian girl digital stamp

I made this illustration last year but I didn't turned to a stamp until recently. It would be very cute in a planner page or scrapbook page. I hope I can make one of each month and maybe we can make a calendar? For now I have this March lettering and an April lettering.
Digital stamp for planners
March lettering digital stamp

I thought this lion eating fish was cute and funny. I draw the head of the lion and asked my daughter what did she think he was doing. She said, the lion was eating fish so...he is eating fish ;). I particularly like that he is wearing a seafood bib.
Cute lion digital stamp
Lion eating fish digital stamp

It is still cold outside, particularly the day I draw the penguin. I don't have anything to customize him but I am thinking he could be really cute with a birthday hat.
Digital stamp of a penguin
Penguin digital stamp

Thinking about the three little pigs story I ended up with this illustration of the pig and the wolf. Why couldn't they be friends? I seriously hope this wolf is vegetarian, haha.

pig and wolf digital stamp
Pig and Wolf digital stamp

This is part (because the real thing is huge) of the illustration that my daughter asked me for her birthday. For any reason she wanted a girl and a piñata to be a kangaroo. is piñata so the kangaroo was going to look weird anyway!
Girl and piñata digital stamp
Girl and piñata digital stamp

If you have been following me my illustrations on instagram you would have seen the sketch of this Boy and chicken digital stamp. I didn't change the chicken but I did change the boy a little bit. Now he looks older. 
Digital stamp with a boy and a chicken
Boy and chicken digital stamp

I hope you like the new release. As I said in the title it is a big one. Probably the biggest one since I opened the shop. 

Don't worry, I am working in more cute stuff for next month and I will probably release something in the middle of the month too ;).

Have a great rest of the day!



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