Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Design Team Announcement | Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez


It has been hard to come to a decision. I can't say that it's easy to go through all the emails and projects that I have seen from all the people how have applied to be part of my design team. I'm overwhelmed and surprised that so many people really liked to be part of the team but at the same time sad that I can't have everyone to be part of it. 

In my call, I asked for 3 or 4 people to enter my team, and it has been so complicated that I decided to give a chance to 3 more people. These are the 7 new ladies who will be part of the team:

- Amanda Fitterer

- Cheri Burry

- Jennifer Branny

- Kim DeRuosi

- Kimberly Skinner

- Maggie Arambarry

- Lounon Manon

Congratulations ladies! I'll contact you with more details about how things work ;). 

Thank you to everyone who applied for your interest, your willing to work with me and your kind words. I really appreciate everyone of you. 



Monday, May 25, 2020

Woof Woof!! Happy Puppy Alert | Layered Card with Dog Stamp

Happy Puppy Digital Stamp


I have to draw more digital stamps with dogs, cats and other pets. But I have to be inspired. Most of the time I draw what it comes to mind and it can be from the sweetest girl to the sweetest monster. I don't have a unique like of stamps. So if you want to find cute digi stamps and be surprised of what you might find, take a look in my store. 

I hope you are having a great day so far. Today I'm here to brighting it a little more. This is A beautiful card that Meghan made a while ago. 

She is using Happy puppy digital stamp and she use her Copic markers for coloring. I love the simple design of layered papers and scallop frame.

I hope you like the card I have for today!



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Saturday, May 23, 2020

You're incredible, like a flying squirrel :) | Handmade squirrel card

Flying Squirrel Digital Stamp

Hi there!

I hope you are doing well and you are starting the weekend with the right foot. Today I have this super cute card that Fikreta made a couple of months ago (I have so much to share with you!). 

She is using Flying squirrel digital stamp. I love how she created a scene. The little guy looks like a superhero! The sentiment is perfect for this card that will make anyone's spirits to lift. 

And how did I came up with a flying squirrel that is just a regular squirrel but with a cape and a mask? Oh well, I guess I have that sense of humor ;). 

I hope you like the card and the digi. Which kind of card would you make with this particular one? 

Have a great rest of the weekend!



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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Playing Happy Birthday | Girl Playing the Violin Birthday Card

Girl playing the violin digital stamp


Wow, I thought I was going to be able to post this earlier today but guess what? I couldn't haha. 

Well, I didn't want to miss the oportunity to share with you today this birthday card that Deepti made not so long ago. She is using one of my favorite digital stamps, Girl playing violin

I love how she blended the colors in the background using different inks. Also, how the music notes are on top of it with some paste. If you want to know more details don't forget to go to her blog ;). 

The musician digital stamp was colored with water colors, in very soft and coordinated colors. 

I hope you like the card I bring you today!



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Monday, May 18, 2020

CAS card using Pilgrim Digital Satmp | Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez


today I have this cute card that Céline made not so long ago. She is using the Pilgrim digital stamp for this one. I draw this digital stamp as a symbol to the pilgrims that do the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I have never done in and I don't think I will. But it's amazing how many people do every year (I suppose this year will be different).

She colored the image using Copic makers, I added the colors in this cute chart that you can Pin and save for later reference.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Remember that you can always go to my Pinterest account for more charts and inspiration!



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Friday, May 15, 2020

Oh Nuts | Squirrel Happy Birthday Handmade Card

Happy Squirrel Digital Stamp


I hope you are ready to have a great weekend! Hopefully you are already used to stay home and not climbing the walls. There is always something to do at home, above all if we are all crafters!

Today I have this cute card that Beata made using Happy Squirrel digital stamp. She did a fantastic job with the design, colors and sentiment! The little nuts are not part of the digital stamp, but isn't it perfect that we usually can mix different stamp sets to create the perfect card? I do it all the time. Above all with little stamps and sentiments. Now I'm creating more sentiment stamps but I have still a long way to go!

I think this little squirrel is perfect for almost any occasion. She did a great handmade birthday card but I think as a thank you or even baby card would be cute. I'm even thinking on printing it and put it somewhere in my planner.

I hope you like the card I have to show you today. I'll be back again soon with another kinda cute project!



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Monday, May 11, 2020

Isolation Illustration | Free Coloring Page for the Quarantine.

Isolation coloring page


Today I have a free coloring page for you! 

I started the mermaid of the day but then one thing let to another... so I made this illustration. I called it isolation, since it's what it represents.

Be safe, and stay home as much time as you can. Everything will be better sooner if everyone does his part.

I'm adding this illustration in black and white to the free digital stamps album in my Facebook Group. You can get it until I remove it on Sunday May 17th 2020. Please, don't share this image anywhere. If you think someone would like to color it, please refer them to the group so they can get it themselves. Have fun!
Find the free coloring page here: https://bit.ly/2xYgHqM

You can't see it? Join the group! 

If you come later than May 17th, 2020 and you are interested in this coloring page, you can find it in my store at kindacutebypatricia.com or at etsy



Friday, May 8, 2020

Copic Sketch Coloring of a Little Bird Sketch | Speed Coloring Video

Sketch little bird with letter


Today I only have a video. Wait, what? A video? YES! I'm trying to get going again with the videos in my YouTube channel.

My plan is to do more than only coloring videos, I have several "tutorials" recorded from a long time ago but never edited them or published them because several reasons that I will list"

1.- I want to do the videos in English since I basically run my business in English. Problem... I think my English is not good enough and when I edit the videos I can't stand myself talking in English!

2.- My tutorial videos are very basic. I don't have so many supplies as everyone else out there have. I have outdated things, I'm clumsy and I make a lot of mistakes. So the video is not "professional"quality. Maybe I should do funny crafty videos haha.

3.- Basically the point 1 and 2. No point 3 (that I see right now, but hold it here just in case haha).

So I decided not to be so hard on myself. Try to have fun making videos, if there are mistakes, maybe you can laugh or learn about them. If my tutorials are basic... well, maybe you don't have as many supplies as others either. Maybe you are just starting. Maybe you just like to hear my voice haha.

I don't know... I'll try to have as much fun with it as possible and see if that works for me. I tend to be  my worst critic.

Here is the video I published yesterday. It's just a speed video coloring. I hope you like it. It's only two minutes long!



Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Inspirational card with Girl Biking Sketch | CAS cards

Inspirational card using Girl Biking Sketch digital stamp 

Hi there!

I'm back!! Isn't it great that I try to keep up my blog and everything? Well, I have good intentions but then sometimes life gets in the middle and... I stop.

Anyway, today... I have this super cute card made by AJ using Girl Biking Sketch digital stamp. The sketches are more or less like the finished versions but they have rougher lines because they are just made digis after the original pencil sketch. Some people prefer sketches. Me, for example. But you can find the finished version of this image here too (sorry if you are outside of the US and you get redirected to Etsy, but the images should be there too).

She usually make these big eyes in my images and use brighter colors. Isn't it pretty? I love how she draw a little road and grass too. The quote that she decided to use to go with the image is just fantastic. We should think about it and act accordingly ;).

Ups, I forgot... I'm doing MerMay again this year. It's an Instagram challenge that consists in drawing 31 mermaids during May, one each day. I already have some made but I can't have the time to come here and make a post every day. So check my Instagram account to see them all and let me know what you think ;). They are already as digis in my stores.

Have a great rest of the day!



Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Grapes and mice. New Digital Stamps in the Store | New Release

Happy Grapes


Between one thing and another I didn't realize that I actually had a new release to do today! whaat? you would think on how can I just miss that piece of information when I'm in charge... well, that happens in my world. Days go by and I don't even know which date or day of the week is. And that happened before the pandemic, so imagine now...

Anyway... I have today five new digital stamps. I think it's one of the cutest new releases I have done in a long time. I usually release new digital stamps quite often. Like twice a month or surely once a month. Now with the MerMay that I'm doing, I release one digital stamp of a mermaid every day for the whole month of May. That's 31 new digital stamps in a month!

Ok, ok... I already went overboard with my thinking. So for this new release I have two digital stamp sets. One is the Happy Grapes, which is just so fun! I see a lot of possibilities with this set. I added a couple of envelopes, a flashlight, a heart and a cupcake (yes, that's a cupcake, not a mushroom like my daughter thinks) because I'm sure you can use them for something haha. 

Little Twin Peas

The second digital stamp set are these cute little twin peas!! They are perfect for new baby twins and the set comes with the three possibilities. Two boys, two girls and a boy and a girl. Just the little bows will help you to decide ;). Also, I added a garland because when you have babies or someone else have them it's a great reason to celebrate. 

Jumping in the Water

Summer is going to be here soon and hopefully will be able to enjoy the swimming pools as this girl jumping in the water is doing. I had this sketch for a long long time ago and I never got to ink it because I thought there was something missing. Well, I fixed the think that I didn't like, which basically was that you couldn't see the bathing suit at all, hahaha. Oh well... that's a good thing of having the sketches sitting for a year or two. When you come back you see what's missing.

Mouse Playing Piano

The next couple of digital stamps are just adorable. Every time that my husband says "I need a card" I end up having to make the illustrations for that card because they usually have to be super specific. This was for a card I made last year I think, so they are in my possession for a very long time. I just was very attached to them. I think it was in January when I did a giveaway in my Facebook group and I asked about favorite music. It turned out that a lot of people liked classic music and some of them even played the piano and the flute. So I thought that maybe was time to get these musical mice out there (it still took me 4 months to be "detached" enough...). 

Mouse Playing the Flute

So this is the story about the digital stamps. Sometimes I just draw what I feel, others what somebody asks, others it's just something that happened to me or to someone I know... 

I hope the new release bring you some smiles and that you have time to check them out, either in my website or in Etsy. Also, don't forget that I have a new mermaid today, and that one is just so cute!!! Problem is... I didn't have time yet to post it for sale, but chances are, that if you are reading this a little a few hours later than posted, it's already for sale (super cute, just saying, I just have to finish the extra touches). 

Have a great rest of the day and I hope you are staying healthy and safe.



Sunday, May 3, 2020

Design Team Call 2020 | Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez


Today I have something different!! 

I'm looking for a few new designers to add to my team. I'm not sure how many yet but 3 or 4 at least. The term would be for 3 months but with the chance to be asked of become part of the permanent team. 


- make 1 project a month. You can make more but I guess 1 a month is the minimum I can ask right? If not...what's the point?

- Be active on Facebook. Why? I manage the DT in a private FB group and that's how it's going to be. 

- Be active in social media. It's not necessary to have a blog but if not,  you really have to be active and sharing your DT projects in as many groups/platforms as possible. Posting your projects in Kinda Cute Facebook group is mandatory.

- take good photos of your projects. You don't have to be a pro in coloring to make it into the group, but you have to take clear photos. 

- Display your Kinda Cute badge in your blog (if you have any) with link to the store and your watermark in your DT projects.  I would make one for you if you make it to the DT. 

What you get in return

- work with a super amazing other ladies. My permanent DT is just fantastic and it is a great environment to work in. 

- Digital stamps you need to make your projects.

- 25% off on any purchase in my store.

What I don't look for

- Drama. If you make the team feel uncomfortable in anyway you will be removed and not eligible in any future DT calls. 

- Someone that only wants free digital stamps. If you don't really want to help me to promote my digital stamps, please, don't apply. 

How to apply

- send me an email to kindacutebypatricia@gmail.com and write in the subject DT CALL

- in the email include a link to your blog/social media so I can see the kind of projects you make. Add anything you think I might be interested in. 

The DT call will be ongoing until May 20th. New design team members will be contacted directly with the news. Term starts on June 2020.

Do you know where to find Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez? 

Have a great rest of the day!



Friday, May 1, 2020

Birthday Wishes with a Cupcake House | Promarkers Color Chart

Birthday card using Cupcake House digital stamp

I hope you are doing well and you are your families are staying safe and healthy.

Today I bring you a cute and colorful project made by Sue. Sue decided to use my Cupcake House digital stamp for a birthday card. I think that was a terrific idea! She used Promarkers to color it and I love how she did the frosting in yellow. 

The colors yellow and purple go great together and she finished the card with some butterfly die cuts and a little birthday wishes tag.

Here is the list of colors that she used. Feel free to pin it and use it for later.

Do you know what's new in my store? 

In order to make my digital stamps instant download for everyone, I have my store in two places. If you are located inside of the United States, you can perfectly use my website. But if you want digital products and you live outside the United States, you'll be redirected to my Etsy store.  You can find this digital stamp in my Etsy store here

I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!