Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ice Cream Stand | A digi a day | Day 40

Ice Cream Stand Digital Stamp


I realized that I never posted here my MerMay2020 mermaids and it was one new mermaid every day! Well, when I finished the challenge I decided to continue with my digital stamp every day. Since I already had 31 I started on number 32, but I never posted them here either! 

So I am changing that, and I'm going to show you every day the new image that arrived to my store that same day!

Today I have this Ice Cream Stand digital stamp. I used the no-line technique and I colored it with Copic markers. I added a little detail with pencils but not much. Isn't it perfect to go with your other summer stamps? I personally like it by itself but I have a pig eating ice-cream and a couple of ducks that will go well with this one.

I hope you like my day 40 digital stamp. Let's see how many days I can keep up with it! It might happen that I don't post it here every day. So don't forget to follow me on Instagram, because I always post the photo there!

You can find the ice cream stand digital stamp in my Kinda Cute store here or in Etsy here.