Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cat giving a presentation | A digi a Day | Day 93

Cat giving a presentation digital stamp


And we start another month... I can't believe how this summer is going so fast taking into account that basically I don't go anywhere because of the pandemic.

Anyway... I continue this month with my personal challenge of making one digital stamp every day and, since I finished July with Christmas images, I'm quite glad of begin drawing just anything. 

Today I have this cat who is giving a presentation. Maybe she is a teacher or just graduation from her Master's degree or PhD! I left the blackboard (or whiteboard?) empty so you can add your own message or image there and completely personalize your project. 

The digital stamp comes with all the elements separately, the background, the cat and the stand, so you can use it with other images too. 

You can find this cat teacher digital stamp in my store or in Etsy, if you live outside of USA. 



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