Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What was new on March?


Last month I decided that I wasn't going to wait around to post my new products in my shop. The preparation for the last new release, at the beginning of the month, was very stressful for me.

I didn't make any announcements of new products in my blog or newsletter until now but I do on Instagram and my FB page, so if you follow me there, take a look to my stories or page so you don't miss any when the are just listed. I have to admit that most of the time I don't even have the time to do that and the rest of the time I feel bad for promoting (yes, I am that weird) because I don't want to be very spammy. So as you can see, I am really bad at marketing my products. 

Anyway, I think I have a lot of new cute things. New products are added every week so make sure to check the New Releases page in my shop from time to time ;). I am telling you, the images that I will be adding on April are super cute. I will start listing things at the end of the week.

I separated the things into "Categories". Of course you have to still check my Zazzle Shop. I have 83 products only there (are more coming). If you want something specific with one of my images, let me know, I will design it only for you!!

This has a lot of photos, sorry about that, it is just that I work as much as I can!


Mom playing pirates digital stamp
Mom playing pirates
Magpie with treasure digital stamps
Magpie with treasure
ballerina digital stamp
Ballerina preparing to dance
runner girl digital stamp
Runner girl
Otter digital stamp
old lady digital stamp
Old lady with a cane
Monster doing karate digital stamp
Monster doing karate
Chicken knitting
Happy monster digital stamp
What's up monster
Clownfish digital stamp
Dragon with balloon digital stamp
Birthday dragon with balloon
new mom with baby digital stamp
Tired mom with baby
Wizard digital stamp
Wizard and book
Happy princess digital stamp
Happy princess
Fairy flying digital stamp
Fairy flying
Mermaid monster digital stamp
Mermaid monster
Bear and beehive digital stamp
Bear and beehive
flies digital stamp
Little duck digital stamp
Little duck
Little cat digital stamp
Little cat
Boy and hula hoop digital stamp
Boy and a hula hoop
Girl and jumping rope digital stamp
Girl and jumping rope
Girl playing soccer digital stamp
Girl playing soccer
Whale digital stamp
Happy Squirrel digital stamp
Happy squirrel
chocolate doodles digital stamp
Chocolate doodles
boy and tricycle digital stamp
Boy riding a tricycle
Yoga teacher digital stamp
Yoga instructor
pregnant woman digital stamp
Pregnant woman
Dragon flying digital stamp
Dragon flying
boy running digital stamp
Runner boy


Boy colored digital stamp
Boy and hula hoop
colored digital stamp
Girl colored digital stamp
Girl and jumping rope
colored digital stamp


Wedding clear stamp set
Wedding couple clear stamp
Little bird new baby clear stamp set
Little bird clear stamp


Science digital papers
Science digital papers
Red and black digital papers
Red and black love papers


Easter printable card
Bunny girl Easter printable card
Printable birthday card with a baby pointing
Printable birthday card
Antelope card printable
Hello printable card with an antelope
Thank you printable card with a hen
Thank you printable card
Printable birthday card with a hen
Birthday printable card with a hen
 Cupcake birthday printable card
Cupcake birthday printable card
Fairy painting pears printable card. You color my world card.
You color my world printable card

I hope you didn't get tired of looking to so many photos!! To be honest, I am quite surprised I got to make so many things. My everyday life is busy and I don't work as much as I would like. 

Have a great rest of the week!!!